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Glossary of Terms

Annual- A plant that completes its reproductive life cycle and only lives for one year.

Biennial- A plant that flowers and lives for two years.

Perennial- A plant that persists and comes back year to year. Some perennials, such as alfalfa, can persist for over 25 years.

Short-lived perennial- A perennial plant that usually lives for 2 to 3 years. (Red Clover)

Broadcast- To scatter seeds or fertilizer evenly, with an ATV or hand spreader.

Drag- A heavy attachment for an ATV that is equipped with rough edges (chain link fence) and heavy objects to be attached to form a square or rectangular implement used to harrow ground and cover seeds and put seeds in good seed-to-soil contact. We use old factory conveyor belts, however; one can be made in a number of ways such as attaching heavy objects to chain link fence and forming an implement. An easy way to do it is to cut 5 appropriate length 4x4's, arrange them in a rectangle 3 vertical, 2 horizontal at the bottom and top. Attach this to chain link fence and attach to ATV. Make sure first that your drag is not too heavy to damage ATV but heavy enough to adequately disturb ground.

Legume- A plant that has the ability to capture Nitrogen from air and convert into Nitrogen for its own growth and development. The proper form of bacteria must be present in soil or on seeds for this to occur.

Inoculant- A form of bacteria in a media that should be applied to legume seed to ensure Nitrogen Fixation. Separate inoculants are for different legumes, so be sure to purchase the correct inoculant to ensure Nitrogen Fixation.

Inoculate- To mix proper inoculant with water or soft drink (stickier) into a slurry and then pour slurry over legume seeds and coat seeds with slurry by mixing seeds and slurry. This must be done no more than 24 hours before planting but long enough to allow seeds to dry before broadcasting.

Nitrogen fixation- The ability of legumes to convert Nitrogen from air through nodules on roots of plants into Nitrogen used for the growth and development of legume. This can only be accomplished by having the correct bacteria in the soil or correct inoculant on seed of legume.

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