Purple Top Turnips


Purple Top Turnip- A great seed for deer food plots. Purple Top Turnips are an annual that is a member of the cabbage family (brassica); this plant produces a large swollen taproot. It also produces large amounts of succulent deer food that are readily eaten by whitetail deer as they sweeten after the first freeze.

Fertility- Turnips prefer a pH of 6 or greater although they are hardy and generally adapted to most soil types. They prefer adequate amounts of phosphorus and potassium and are highly responsive to nitrogen. A soil test is recommended to ensure adequate phosphorus and potassium. Apply 50lbs/acre 13-13-13 at planting and 50 lbs/acre 46-0-0 at planting or up to three weeks after emergence.

Seeding instructions- From late August through October, broadcast 25 lbs/acre when grown alone in a deer food plot or 5-10lbs/acre in a food plot mix with small grains and clovers or grass and clovers. Broadcast onto well prepared soil and disk or lightly drag to a depth of no more than 1/4 inch.

Wildlife Food Plot Advantages- Brassicas provide the best addition to any cool season deer food plot or food plot mix, providing great food for deer.